3 Ways to Find Talented People for your Business

3 Ways to Find Talented People for your Business

17 September 2019

As a recruiter, you naturally want to hire the best people to join you, but the search for the right person can sometimes be a bit lengthy and daunting. In this article I give you three tips on how to find the right employees for your company.

Talk to your best employees

If you already have a number of employees in your company, approach them and ask how they came to apply for a job at your company. What attracted them and through which platform did they find you? It is also useful, if possible, to get their application and motivation to see what appealed to you about them. Was it the way they applied, or the qualifications they had at the time of the application?

In this way you know where you can best place a job application and what you should pay attention to when hiring new employees.
However, if you don’t have any employees yet, it’s also a good idea to talk to people with similar backgrounds to the company you’re starting up now. Ask what they would look at before filling out an application and what would appeal to them the most.

Make use of LinkedIn

There are all kinds of websites to post vacancies and almost all of these sites provide many different applications. However, in order to be able to search specifically, it is important that you know exactly what you are looking for. Via LinkedIn you can easily create a vacancy and even search for candidates with specific skills on their profile. You can also view the profiles of potential candidates yourself to invite them personally for an interview, but also to take an example as a reference for all incoming applications. They can help you find applicants. Feel free to send a message to ask them to help you. Below you can find an example.

“Dear Sandra van Loon,

My name is Jan Heinesma and I am currently looking for employees for a company in the IT industry. I came across your profile and saw that you have the right qualifications, but that you already have an employer at the moment. Still, I’d be bold enough to ask if you know of anyone with similar skills who are currently looking for a job.

Thanks for the effort.


Jan Heinesma”

Be specific in your job posting

Of course you can put in a vacancy that you are looking for someone with “experience with Excel”, but that is a fairly broad description when you are actually looking for someone who knows all the ins and outs of Excel and has been familiar with it for years. is.

In the end, people will always apply who do not qualify for the position, which is of course no problem at all because nothing is always wrong, but it does help you as a recruiter to be as specific as possible. This way, every candidate knows where they stand and you lose less time reading through all mismatched applications.

For example, do you want an employee with at least one year of experience with PHP? Then there is a chance that you will also get inexperienced applicants when you state “At least one year of experience with PHP”. These candidates have followed the theoretical PHP course at their training, but have no practical experience. That is why it works better if you write down “At least one year of practical experience with PHP”. Then each candidate also knows where they stand.

Now you have had three good tips to find suitable employees for your company. You will eventually receive quite a lot of applications for every vacancy. Therefore, take the time to find out at your leisure, or hire someone else who can do that for you. Don’t immediately reject a candidate when they have just a few months less experience than what you are looking for, maybe this is a very suitable candidate! Good luck!