Regret your choice of study, what if you are dissatisfied?

Regret your choice of study, what if you are dissatisfied?

13 September 2019

There can be all kinds of reasons why you are not happy with your choice of study at the moment. Maybe you’ve just started, or you’re already in your third year. Either way, it’s an annoying situation to be in. In this article I am going to help you look at solutions and/or alternatives.

What are your options within this study?

Suppose you have chosen to study law because it offers a lot of future prospects, but you actually have it all
no passion for it. Then you can understand that this does not make you happy. Based on how far you are with your studies, it is useful to look at options look within this field.

Are you in your first year? Then you would pass can work until your propaedeutic year and then start a new one
education. By completing your propaedeutic year you have many advantages when you apply for a job and if you also complete another study this immediately provides extra experience in two different fields.
This way you avoid having to complete this study, but you do get all the knowledge you need
the first year in one certificate.

Are you right in your 2nd or 3rd years, it may be possible to follow a double-degree study. You
can therefore follow a study that you do enjoy, and with this one study to gain knowledge in this field so that you do have the benefits of a broad field of work in the future. Especially if you can combine it with you
second study. If this is not possible, you may be able to do another with your minor choose an interesting study to see if that is something for you to talk about steps.

What are your options outside of this study?

It is of course also possible to switch on another study is not financially feasible. That is very unfortunate, but also
then you can work on to a finer study. For example, you can go look around for an employer that offers training courses related to that field to fit. Because you have already studied, whether you have your diploma or not, give
indicate that you have the level they are looking for and can get you through their program to do a study that suits you and the job you want to do.

Gap year

Another option is to take a gap year

take. You don’t have to pay for a study this year, but your progress will still stand. You can use this year to gain work experience to see what you actually want to do later in life, or you can this year use it to travel and explore your other interests. Maybe you come even found out that it’s not that bad at all to follow a study where you
less interested in it because it leads you to a study in which you do you are interested in.

To take a gap year there are several programs that specialize in finding you interests, but you can also find out for yourself. WWOOF’ing is still there becoming more popular, you work abroad (often at a farm) in exchange for knowledge, food, shelter and sometimes also money. So come meet you meet new interesting people and you get new ideas where you were before never thought of.

Level change

As a student at MBO and HBO you always have the option to search a step higher for an interesting study. But also on WO you can choose to study at HBO or MBO follow.

If you want a practical study such as HBO Informatica much more fun than the theoretical Informatics at WO,
then you can simply make a switch at the beginning of the school year.

Or maybe it’s the other way around, that you do it prefers to work theoretically rather than practically. Then
make sure you pass your propaedeutic year so that you can transfer to the WO. As a student you have a lot of freedom, and you can ensure that yourself this works to your advantage.

In the end, it’s about doing what makes you happy. Whatever study you follow, there is always a dream job for you. Look at the possibilities for switching or stopping in your study and make use of it. Finally, I would like to inform you that every study has a study advisor, they specialize in helping students find a suitable study for them. So don’t be afraid to approach them, it can only work to your advantage!